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`I`m pretty sure we`ve got a double murderer on our patch. And the scary question is, if we don`t catch him will he stop at two?`

When two young female artists are murdered in what looks like ritualistic killings, it`s down to DCS McGuire and DI Steele to investigate. The pressure is on to find a highly professional murderer. Is he a disgruntled art critic? A twice-jilted lover? Or is there something far more sinister behind his motives?

The arrival of the father of the second victim, millionaire businessman Davor Boras, brings in the Home Office, MI5 and the CIA. It`s not long before Detective Chief Constable Bob Skinner gets called back to the frontline, in a case that is as perplexing as it is mysterious. With an estranged son, a dubious assistant and connections in very high places, what is more important to Boras; business or family? And is the grieving father of the first victim really the family man he claims to be? It looks like the killer has met his match in the Boras family, and Skinner`s men are at risk of getting caught in the crossfire...


Deaths Door




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