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Somewhere in Scotland the unthinkable is about to happen – something that would shatter the very bedrock of society. For Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner, time is pressing . . .
Four ruthless, Albanian gangsters have infiltrated Edinburgh’s underworld and MI5 are all over it. They believe they are trying to move into the city's drug scene. But do they have a bigger, more audacious objective?
The son of a police officer is found dead in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. A youthful prank gone wrong, or a foretaste of things to come?
The police force is in trouble as Scotland’s unscrupulous First Minister plans to take it over, threatening ruin to anyone who gets in his way. How do you stop the man who holds the reins of power?
A triple threat for Skinner, but will his troubled marriage cloud his judgement?
The crimes begin to collide: fragments of the truth are revealed. Skinner and his team race against time to piece them together –will it all come down to a shot in the dark?

Lethal Intent
Lethal Intent




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